What services do we offer?

  • Pre-travel consultations
  • Complete travel immunizations
  • Completion of study abroad and other travel related forms
  • Post travel evaluation: for evaluation of new symptoms or following an extended stay in high risk location

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Making An Appointment: 

Call 215-746-3535 to schedule an individual travel appointment. (You can schedule with your traveling companion if they’re eligible to be seen at SHS.) We recommend coming in at least 30 days before you leave to allow sufficient time for vaccines to take effect. Appointments are based on availability, so please make appointments early. Group counseling may be available. For more information see group travel.

Group Travel:

SHS Travel Services offers group counseling sessions. Please contact Liz Manai, RN at for further assistance. A certified travel nurse or primary care provider will review your group’s itinerary and make recommendations for immunizations, medications, and other health and safety risks.

Study Abroad: 

A study abroad appointment is a 15 minute appointment with a nurse or primary care provider designed to review health and safety risks associated with study abroad. Counseling will be provided as needed. The Penn study abroad form will be completed at the end of the visit. This visit does not include a physical exam. If you have forms other than the Penn Study Abroad form please notify the scheduler so you are given sufficient time for all your forms to be completed. If you are traveling to an area other than Europe you should ask for an extended appointment to allow time for a full travel consultation.

Preparing for an Appointment:

Please bring a copy of your complete travel itinerary and records of any travel vaccines you have received in the past to your appointment. We will also ask questions regarding any ongoing medical conditions and any current medications.


In general, travel to Europe, Canada and the US does not require a travel consultation. Go to for information regarding health risks associated with travel to your specific destination. Click HERE for countries that we recommend you should schedule a travel consultation for.   


Prescription medications should be carried in carry-on luggage in original prescription containers with the prescription information on the label. If narcotics and other controlled substances such as stimulant drugs or sleeping pills are brought on your trip you should have a letter of medical necessity to protect you from having your medication confiscated at customs.


Malaria is an illness transmitted by mosquito bites (you cannot catch malaria simply by touching or being near a person with the disease). If you travel into an area with a risk for malaria you will be prescribed malaria prevention pills. You will also need to take precautions against mosquito bites (see handouts). You can go to the CDC Travel website and check if your destination has a risk for malaria. We will review your risk at the time of your visit and discuss which malaria prevention pills will be effective. Malarone is effective in all areas and in general is the easiest for people to tolerate. It can be expensive if not covered by insurance. The Penn Student Health Insurance (PSIP) covers Malarone (you would have to pay the copay for a brand-name drug).

Altitude Sickness: 

Traveling to altitudes greater than 8000 feet can be associated with altitude sickness. If you are traveling to an elevated area we will discuss how to minimize your risk of becoming ill from altitude. We may prescribe a drug called Diamox or acetazolamide (generic name) to mitigate the symptoms. Learn more about altitude sickness HERE.



Travel Support Services:

Penn Student Health Service


International Society of Travel Medicine

(global travel clinics)

Travel Risk Assessment and Management


International SOS


Penn Student Insurance Policy (PSIP)

Call collect from anywhere in the world:


U.S. Government Resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention