Penn is a tobacco free campus.

All of the smoking cessation benefits available at the University are summarized in this brochure. WholeBreath counseling at SHS is available on a free and unlimited basis to all full-time, dissertation, and exchange students.

Are you a smoker? Would you like to quit? Schedule an appointment with Health and Wellness Educator Sandi Herman to discuss a holistic approach to becoming a non-smoker, through “WholeBreath Smoking Cessation.” Sandi will assist you in becoming more aware of the patterns of your smoking habit, and provide you with strategies and techniques, including meditation, journaling, and guided imagery, to make quitting possible. Sessions are 50 minutes in length, and confidential.

Call (215) 746-3535 or click HERE to make a smoking cessation appointment using the SHS Student Portal.

Are you on the Penn Student Insurance Plan? Here is a full summary of your smoking cessation benefits:

The Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP) covers 8 individual or group visits per policy year for screening and counseling services to aid in tobacco product cessation. Coverage includes:

  1. Preventive counseling visits
  2. Treatment visits
  3. Class visits

The Penn Student Insurance Plan’s Prescription Drug benefits include prescription smoking cessations aids. Over-the-counter medications are not covered by PSIP. More policy information is available HERE.

Wellness Benefits under PSIP:

The Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP) offers, for freeHealthy Lifestyle Coaching to become tobacco free. The wellness coach, who is a certified tobacco cessation specialist, helps to:

  1. Work on successful quitting strategies
  2. Recognize and manage triggers for tobacco use
  3. Find healthy alternatives to replace the feeling received from smoking
  4. Quit tobacco and feel more energized and healthy
  5. Support the student every step of the way.

 Options are available for:

  1. Individual coaching for personalized attention, focused squarely on needs, obstacles, and strengths of the individual
  2. Group coaching for peer support and inspiration

free 8-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy is provided for completing 3 sessions with a coach. The student could choose a $25 Corporate Rewards gift card instead. Students who complete a 6-month follow-up call with a coach get another $25 rewards card.

Call (215) 746-3535 or click HERE to make a smoking cessation appointment using the SHS Student Portal.

click play to listen to a free smoking cessation podcast

Questions? Contact Sandi at for more information.