When you start your last package of pills, call the Women’s Health refill line (calls are answered Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM) at 215.746.1020 to request additional refills (this can take one business day or 24 hours) or call our main number at 215.746.3535 to schedule an appointment. Women’s Health is not open on the weekends. You can call the main number at 215.746-3535 and ask to speak to a primary care provider on call for any emergent concerns.

Women’s Health may be able to provide an emergency pack of oral contraceptive pills if you find that you are about to run out . At the time an emergency pack is given, the student will be asked to make an appointment to obtain future contraception. Only one cycle will be given on an emergency basis.

If you are out of town or are away for vacation and are unable to get to the office, please call Women’s Health at 215.746.3535; we may be able to call in one refill of an existing prescription for oral contraceptives. Please have the name and phone number of the pharmacy you would like to use when you call.