Working Group for LGBTQ+ Student Health and Counseling

The LGBTQ+ Working Group oversees planning and protocols specific to the needs of LGB/Q and Transgender patients at the Student Health and Counseling. The group’s activities include but are not limited to: review of best practices and creation of protocols/visit templates, collaboration with campus partners and patients/students, advocacy with health insurance contractors, education of the staff on LGBTQ+ issues, education of the broader university community about LGBTQ+ health issues, and scholarly work related to LGBTQ+ health. The Working Group also serves as a point of contact for concerns regarding LGBTQ+ health services. Click here to learn more about Wellness at Penn’s LGBTQ+ health services.

SHS LGB/Q and Transgender Competent Staff

All staff receive training on inclusive care for LGB/Q and Transgender patients.
The following staff are members of our LGBTQ+ Working Group and have
expanded expertise and interest in this aspect of care.


Julia Burton, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ+ Care, Primary Care, Gynecologic
Care [She-Her-Hers]


Ashlee Halbritter, MPH
Executive Director, Public Health and Wellbeing


Sigrid Larson, MD
LGBTQ+ Care, Primary Care [She-Her-Hers]

John Laury, CRNP
LGBTQ+ Care, Primary Care [He-Him-His]

Liz Manai, RN
LGBTQ+ Care, Travel Health [She-Her-Hers]


Joyce McNeill, Nurse Practitioner

LGBTQ+ Care, Gynecologic Care [She-Her-Hers]

Dan Meyer, MD
LGBTQ+ Care, Infectious Diseases,
Primary Care [He-Him-His]


Perri Stella, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ+ Care, Gynecologic Care

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