Greetings from the Student Health Service!


To all of our new and returning students, welcome to SHS! Our goal is to support your health and wellness during your time at the University of Pennsylvania. Our services include preventive care and sick visits, as well as a broad range of expanded services. (Please click on SERVICES at the right to learn more. While you’re there, check out the public health and health promotion offerings from the Campus Health team). We also keep your campus community safe by helping to ensure compliance with University requirements for immunization and health insurance.

Student Health is here for our entire community. We recognize, respect, and celebrate the extraordinary diversity here at Penn. Please click on DIVERSITY at the right to learn about our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the healthcare we provide.

Physical health is just one piece of the Wellness puzzle, but it is an important one! In order to ensure your academic success, remember to make your physical wellness a priority. Get adequate, high-quality sleep. Nourish your body with healthful foods. Stay hydrated. And don’t forget to move your body! Take a break and care for yourself if you feel ill, and remember to practice preventive health throughout the year!