SHS Charges

Students pay for medical care at the Student Health Service  (SHS) through a combination of pre-paid fees plus fee-for-service payments for selected items. All full time matriculating students are charged the Clinical Fee, $615 for 2020-2021.

While the University also requires all full-time students to maintain adequate health insurance or enroll in PSIP, all students are eligible to be seen at SHS through payment of the Clinical Fee regardless of their health insurance coverage. Additional information regarding the health insurance requirement can be found in the Insurance Compliance section.

Many of the services at SHS are fully covered by the Clinical Fee, without additional charges to or co-pays from students. These services include primary care visits, nursing care visits, allergy desensitization, travel consultations and nutrition consultations.

SHS does charge for other services and procedures, most notably diagnostic lab tests performed on-site, specialty care, immunizations, prescription services and durable medical equipment. For these billable services, SHS will bill the student or PSIP in the event that the student is enrolled in PSIP.  SHS does not bill any health insurance plans other than PSIP.  For students with private insurance, SHS bills the student at the time of the visit and provides detailed receipts to the students so that they may submit the charge to their insurance carriers for reimbursement. Students may pay with cash or check at the time of their visit; alternatively, they can have charges billed to their student account. Charges to their bursar bill will simply state “Health Care Assessment – A” so as to protect the privacy of the student.

Students are responsible for payment of any services obtained outside of the SHS, including diagnostic tests, consultations, outpatient office visits, emergency room treatment and hospitalization. SHS contracts with Quest for diagnostic laboratory services. In most cases, Quest will bill a student’s health insurance directly for those services. We encourage students with private insurance to review their policies to make sure that they have an acceptable level of coverage for those services. Students are responsible for asking the Student Health Service to contact their provider or carrier if their insurance plans require prior authorization for diagnostic tests or services.

Spouses and domestic partners

In addition to charges for specific services and procedures, SHS also charges fees to spouses and domestic partners for all office visits; the fees range from $25 to $100 depending on the nature of the visit. As with students, SHS will bill PSIP directly for spouses and partners with PSIP insurance; co-pays are waived for office visits. Spouses and domestic partners with private insurance must pay for care at the time of the visit or post charges to the student’s account.

Please contact us with any billing issues or concerns at