How do I submit my immunization records?Student immunization information is now submitted on-line by the student. Please go here for the instructions.

I do not posess a Penn Key and I’m traveling soon. What can I do?Please bring your immunization documentation to campus with you. You can submit it here once you can access the system.

I have my Penn Key but the online system says I’m not in the data base. What do I do?The online system uses Penn’s student registration database to identify you. It’s possible that your school has not entered or updated your student information yet. If this happens, please check with your school or the registrar and try again a few days later. If necessary, bring your immunization documentation with you to campus and submit it online from here. If you need help, SHS has computers with internet access and can assist you.

What immunizations are required?There are several immunizations that are required. They are listed here.

I can’t find my immunization records; do I need to have my shots again?You should see your doctor. Your physician can perform a test that will check your blood for antibodies. He or she can then enter this information on the Student Immunization Record. You can have these tests done at SHS at your own expense, unless it is covered by your health insurance.

How much does immunizations cost at SHS?Visit our vaccine cost web site. Students with PSIP are fully covered for required immunizations. In addition, the Affordable Care Act, mandates that essential benefits includes certain immunizations and vaccines be covered with no cost sharing. Please check with your health insurance carrier to see what vaccines are covered and how you can be reimbursed in the event that you obtain the immunizations at SHS.

I was born before 1957. Do I need to submit any forms?Students born prior to 1/1/57 are exempted from Measles Mumps, Rubella and Varicella requirements only. They still need to fulfill the other requirements.

I made a mistake on my online form, what should I do?You should alert the Immunization Compliance Office that the information you submitted is different than the information on your documentation. Your healthcare provider’s documentation is the document of record.

Can I re-submit the online forms? Yes. Click ‘Save Partial’ to add information in a draft state.  But once you click ‘Submit Final’ you cannot access that form again. You can however continue to upload new immunization records from this page.

What if I have additional immunizations after I have already submitted the forms?You can continue to upload new immunization records to the immunizations page even after you have submitted the form. .

What happens if I don’t complete the online forms or send in the documentation?You must fill out the online forms and submit your documentation. Failure to comply with the University’s immunization requirements and to submit the Student Immunization Record and/or the Student Medical History and Consent form will result in having a hold placed on your registration, which will make you unable to register and attend certain classes. If you don;t have any online immunzation inforation to enter, please alert the immunization office.

What if I just send in my documentation but don’t fill out the online forms?Filling out the online forms is required. Your documentation will not be processed. You will need to enter the information online and then resend the docuemntation. If you cannot access the online form or resend the documentation, please contact us.

What if I fill in the online form but don’t submit any documentation?Your online information must be verified by the supporting documentation before it can be considered part of your medical record.

I’m on hold. What do I do now?You should contact the SHS Immunization Compliance Office without delay. They will explain why you are on hold and what you will need to do. Only the SHS Immunization Compliance Office can remove your hold. Because this involves your protected health information, we will NOT discuss this with third parties such as your school administration, professors, parents or anyone else without your explicit consent.

If I become compliant will I be taken off hold automatically?No. The process is not automatic; It typically takes about 24 hours for a hold to be removed once you have become compliant. Please contact the Immunization Compliance Office at 215 746 3535 or by secure message. Holds can only be removed during regular Immunization Compliance Office hours. Important: You will need your Penn Key to use the online system.

I don’t have all my shots but I need to get off of hold. What should I do?You can make an immunization appointment online or call 215 746 3535 to make an immunization appointment at SHS. Then contact the Immunization Compliance Office to have the hold removed temporarily. This will give you time to work on becoming compliant. However, you must not fail to keep your appointment or you will go back on hold and remain on hold until you are compliant. Important: You will need your Penn Key to use the online system.

I have my own doctor. Do I have to come to Student Health Services for my shots to have my hold taken off temporarily?No. But you must provide written proof from your health care provider that you have an appointment. You must provide us with proof of your immunizations or written proof of your next appointment within 1 day of your appointment date or you will be placed back on hold. If you need a Tuberculosis test, you must have it placed at the Student Health Service.

If I don’t keep my immunization appointment, will I go back on hold?Yes. If you fail to keep your immunization appointment you will remain on hold until you comply. Notify the Immunization Compliance Office if you have to reschedule.

I have already registered for my classes. Will I still be affected by a hold placed back on my registration? Yes. If you are placed back on hold any changes you have made to your classes during Advance Registration will be deleted. If the changes in your registration have already taken effect, you won’t be able to view your class list or make changes.

What is Penn’s TB testing requirement?All full-time Penn students must complete an online TB risk factor screening questionnaire. Only students are considered in a high risk group for TB infection will need to be tested. The Immunization Compliance Office will contact you if you need to be tested for TB.

What are the options for TB testing?Students whose TB screening questionnaire indicates that they need testing n either get a tuberculin skin test (also known as PPD) at Student Health Service after they arrive on campus or they can get a TB blood test, such as the Quantiferon Gold or TSpotTB. Please note that Penn does not accept PPD tests that are administered outside of Student Health. However, Penn does accept TB blood tests from outside healthcare providers that were performed within the past year (or within 6 months of entrance into Penn).

What if I have had a positive test for TB infection in the past?Students with a history of latent or active TB can make an immunization appointment at Student Health after they arrive on campus to discuss their previous results. Please bring all relevant documentation (i.e., PPD or blood test results, chest x-ray report, medication completion letter, etc.).

Do I have to be immunized against meningitis?All incoming students who will be living in campus housing and who are age 21 or younger must submit proof of 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine that covers serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135 since age 16. Incoming students living on campus who are over age 21 may either submit proof of vaccination since age 16 or submit the Meningococcal Immunization Waiver.

I live off campus. Do I have to have meningococcal immunization or submit a waiver?No.

I’m told that I can’t have the 3rd hepatitis B vaccine for several months after the 2nd dose. What do I do?We don’t require the 3rd vaccine until your second semester. We will give you the proper time to finish the vaccine series.

What should I do if I have more questions?You can call the Immunization Compliance Office at 215 746 3535,  or send us a secure message using this site.

Where are you located?Student Health Service, 3535 Market street Suite 100.

What are your hours?The Immunization Compliance Office is open Monday-Friday. From 9am-5pm Monday-Wednesday, 10:30am-5pm Thursday and 9am-5pm on Fridays during the normal academic year, however these hours are subject to change. Please click here for the most recent up to date hours.

For up to date hours please visit hour’s website at .