Immunization and Insurance Compliance has a new phone number! 215-746-4200. 

Immunization and Health Insurance Requirements
for 2021-2022

Starting academic year 2021-2022 the University will require the COVID-19 and Flu vaccines, in addition to the regular immunizations required for students each year. Students must also carry adequate health insurance coverage. For information and to upload your vaccination documentation, visit the Immunization Compliance page.

Immunization Compliance

Information regarding requirements, access to online forms, compliance policies, vaccine prices, frequently asked questions or anything related to immunization can be found in this section. 

Insurance Compliance

All full time, dissertation and exchange students (in classes for one term or longer) are required to have comprehensive health insurance. The Penn Student insurance Plan (PSIP) is available for students who do not have insurance, whose plans do not provide coverage in the Philadelphia area, or whose plans do not meet our criteria for alternative insurance. 

Insurance and Immunization FAQs