If you think you may be experiencing symptoms related to an allergy you can make an appointment to see one of our Primary Care providers by calling 215.746.3535 or click on “Schedule an Appointment” for more information. Allergy appointments are not intended for patients experiencing symptoms.

Allergy shots:

The following information is for both new and returning students.

If you are a patient at an allergy clinic and already on a desensitization program, SHS offers allergy sera administration. You must click on the links below and review the information, if you want to continue it at SHS.

Your initial appointment will be with one of our Primary Care (PC) providers. At this brief appointment, medications, allergies and medical history are collected by the PC providers. A separate appointment is made with the allergy nurse for review of your allergist orders for administration of your sera. Please note SHS nurses are working under the signed doctor’s orders from the prescribing allergist. Please see letters below. At your first allergy visit you will need to bring your sera and your doctor’s orders.┬áIn order to administer allergy injections with the highest degree of safety, we ask that your doctor complete and sign the attached form. Our form clarifies orders for improved communication between offices. Please return it to us along with your regular allergist’s order sheets. Desensitization therapy cannot begin until all forms are received.

SHS offers refrigeration and storage of allergy sera as a convenience for our students but assumes no responsibility for them.

Allergy injections are provided at no additional charge. They are performed daily by appointment by the allergy nurse.

Student Instructions for Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy-Immunotherapy Allergist Letter

Physician Allergy Immunotherapy Order Form